Today in art class our teacher was absent and our substitute was one of the animators for Courage the Cowardly Dog.

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Diaval no, you are not helping.

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Princess Batman Cosplay by Sunday Cosplay

Not the Princess Gotham deserves, but the Princess Gotham needs.

Someone actually cosplayed him at my con.

It got better.

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On friday, I went to school in my Grell cosplay. On friday, I wanted to celebrate a fun day with some friends I met at a convention who are attempting to put on a nearly impossible show. On friday, I went to school expecting a few strange looks, confused questions, rude comments, and maybe even a few laughs.

What I didn’t expect was that I would be attacked by someone that I had never even seen before.

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I am reblogging this because I hope she eventually sees it and files charges against the girl that assaulted her. 

There are already people in the cosplay world who are having problems with hate from other cosplayers because they are not the race, color, size/shape or gender of the character they are portraying. 

Please file charges against the girl!  I hope you took photo evidence of your injuries.  You can also use the facebook posts as evidence of witnesses and her name, along with the friend you were talking to.  Please don’t sit back and take this abuse.

Baby Zeze keeping me company

Baby Zeze keeping me company

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